Are Dental Implants Safe For Diabetics?

diabetes and dental implants

Are Dental Implants Safe For Diabetics?

Diabetes, much like the rest of your body, directly impacts your teeth and gums too. This is one of the primary reasons diabetics are often skeptical about undergoing dental implants procedure, especially because of the range of complications it brings in.

However, while it is true that diabetes patients have heightened risks of teeth and gum issues, the prevention for it is completely in your hands. The better you manage your blood sugar levels, the better are the results with your dental implant procedure.

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Furthermore, we will be discussing everything there is to know about the safety of dental implants procedure for diabetics.

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  1. Oral Health and Diabetes
  2. Can a Diabetic Get Dental Implants?
  3. Success Rates of Dental Implants in Diabetes Patients
  4. Tips to Improve Success of Dental Implants in Diabetics

Take Away

1. Oral Health and Diabetes :-

Irrespective of the type of diabetes you struggle with, be it Type 1 or Type 2, you must manage your diabetes to prevent the risks further. Higher blood sugar levels in the body contribute to heightened risks of:

Tooth decay or cavities – Higher levels of sugars and starches in the oral cavity leads to bacteria buildup inside the mouth which results in the formation of plaque and tartar, which eventually leads to tooth decay and damage in the long run.

Gingivitis – Diabetes has a direct impact on weakening the body’s ability to fight bacteria in the oral cavity. Not being able to fight the bacteria in the oral cavity leads to risks of plaque and tartar that affects the gums in the long run. Persistent neglect directly impacts the gingiva by causing inflammation and bleeding.

Periodontitis – Another consequence of poor diabetes management on oral health is Periodontitis or advanced gum disease. This often happens after consistent neglect of the condition of gingivitis. This condition can cause enhanced risks of infection, causing your jawbone to pull away from your teeth. The reason why the condition is more serious in diabetics is because it reduces the body’s ability to fight infection, thereby slowing down the healing process drastically.

Xerostomia or Dry mouth – Individuals with diabetes also experience heightened risks of experiencing dry mouth, resulting in reduced salivary production in the mouth. Lack of saliva in the oral cavity results in tooth decay and thrush in individuals.

2. Can a Diabetic Get Dental Implants?

Yes, diabetes patients can effortlessly get dental implants, provided that they are taking all the right care and precautions and ensuring proper diabetes management.

Dental implants are often considered safe for diabetics and have been found extremely crucial for the improvement of their overall health conditions in the long run. Not only do they help adhere to a healthy diet, but implants also reduce the risks of inflammation and infections in the teeth and gum of the patients.

They are tested to minimize the risks of periodontitis in diabetics and tackle the risks of post-operative infections and complications in patients. Undergoing the procedure of getting dental implants is comparatively safe for the patients who have controlled diabetes and reduced complications. Even a systematic review found that the implant procedure is safe and predictable with a similar complication rate similar to that of a healthy patient.

However, getting dental implants for diabetics is a matter of optimal care. Both pre and post-operative care needs to be done with utmost care to reduce any complications that pop up.

3. Success Rates of Dental Implants in Diabetes Patients :-

According to the cumulative review of studies spanning across 1994 to 2011 indicated that the success rates of dental implants in diabetics ranged between 85.5 to 100%. These results were drawn in diabetics who had their blood sugar levels in control or had lower levels of the same.

The associated risks with dental implant failure were found in the early stages (predominantly during the first year of the implants) instead of late failure.

dental implants for diabetes

4. Tips to Improve Success of Dental Implants in Diabetics

The tips to enhance the success of dental implants in diabetics are fairly similar to what you would’ve done for normal patients too. From improving your dental care to consulting the right orthodontist, there are quite a few important factors that one needs to keep a check on as follows:

Focus on Oral Hygiene – Since diabetics have a higher affinity for developing infections, you must maintain ideal oral hygiene after the dental implant procedure to reduce the risks of gum infections and periodontitis in the patients. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, followed by flossing to get rid of stuck food in the teeth. Consult your orthodontist to discuss the flossing techniques around dental implants.

Avoid Clenching or Grinding – Consistent clenching or grinding puts excessive force on the teeth and oral cavity, leading to risks of displacement of the implants. This leads to enhanced risks of cracks and loosens the implants over time.

Get Checkups – Regular checkups are crucial to monitor the oral health of the patients, especially the diabetics who have undergone the dental implant procedure recently. In case complications are developing around the implants, early diagnosis helps avert further risks and prevents the condition from becoming worse.

Take Away

Dental implants can restore the functionalities of the teeth and functions of the oral cavity in diabetics. However, with the little information that is available surrounding this subject, it is not surprising that there is a lot of misinformation and myths. We hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know about dental implant procedures in diabetics.

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