3D Guided Dental Implants: Procedure, Cost, and More


3D Guided Dental Implants: Procedure, Cost, and More

3D guided dental implant surgery is the next big thing in the world of dental implantation. The best thing about this dental procedure is that dentists can effortlessly place a dental implant with less invasive procedures, making smaller or in some cases no incisions at all. For patients, this means less swelling, pain, discomfort, and bruising & faster healing.


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  1. Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implant?
  2. What Is Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery?
  3. The procedure of 3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery
  4. Benefits of 3D Guided Dental Implant
  5. What is the Cost of a 3D Guided Dental Implant?
  6. What are the Possible Complications of Guided Dental Implant?


  1. Who is a Good Candidate for Dental Implant?

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is someone who has good oral and general health. It is important to note that a candidate must have adequate bone in their jaw so the dental implant gets sufficient support.

You may be an ideal candidate for a dental implant if:

  • You have healthy gum tissues (free of periodontal complications)
  • You are unable to wear or don’t like dentures

Who is not a good candidate for dental implants?

People who have suffered significant bone loss or don’t have sufficient bone to support the dental implant are not ideal candidates for dental implantation.

It is always recommended to have a word with a professional dentist to ensure that you can get dental implants without any major complications.

  1. What Is Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery or computer-guided dental implant surgery can be classified as state-of-the-art technology wherein oral health information is collected with exceptionally detailed and accurate 3D dental imaging. This provides dentists the ability to effortlessly execute detailed surgical planning through a virtual model of the face, oral structure, and mouth of the patient. Thereafter, the dentist can place the dental implant in real-time by taking the advantage of precise computer guidance. This, in turn, helps in ensuring accurate implant placement and positioning.

3D guided dental implant surgery is an improvised version of traditional dental implants and doesn’t result in excessive bruising, swelling, pain, and discomfort. Since the dentist is guided by greater precision, more predictable results from surgeries with better aesthetic outcomes, and higher dental implant success rates are achievable.


  1. Procedure of 3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery

In the course of a traditional dental implant, “guesswork” is what decides the position and placement of the implants. In recent times, the “guesswork” has been replaced by 3D Guided Dental Implant Surgery.

  • The dentist makes use of a CT scan for visualising the sinuses, nerves, and bone structure.
  • A 3D scan of the mouth is then performed to record the patient’s teeth and gums in 3D. This helps in fabricating a detailed 3D-guided model of the mouth.
  • The 2 scans are then merged for a comprehensive face model that demonstrates both gum tissue and bone.
  • The dentist then places the new teeth in the correct position with complete precision along with the implants.
  1. Benefits of 3D Guided Dental Implant

3D Guided Dental Implant surgeries are characterised by the following advantages:

  • A Superior Dental Experience
  • Quick and painless diagnosis and treatment
  • A less invasive surgical procedure
  • Precise placement of dental implants
  • Greater efficiency 
  • Saves setting time
  • Helps patients reclaim their beautiful smile and confidence
  • Improves aesthetic results
  1. What is the Cost of 3D Guided Dental Implant?

The approximate cost of a 3D Cone Beam CT Scan is INR 4000-6000 per jaw and the cost of single tooth implants start as low as INR 35000-45000. The final cost may increase if the patient requires jaw reconstruction or bone grafting if the jaw bone is not sufficient. It is important to remember here that the cost may vary from one procedure to another and from one dental clinic to another. Some other cost-determining factors also include the success rate, complexity of the dental procedure, expertise and skills of the dentist, accommodation, etc. 

At 32 Dental Solutions, you will get the best dental implant placement experience at an affordable cost.

  1. What are the Possible Complications of Guided Dental Implant?

In extremely rare cases, a 3D guided dental implant surgery may cause discomfort, tingling sensation in the lips or pain that usually subside quickly on its own. The dentist would help you with painkillers so that you can say goodbye to every problem and embrace your beautiful smile in no time.

At 32 Dental Solutions, your treatment is planned by an experienced dentist with vast experience in dental implant surgery so you can always have complete peace of mind. 


3D Guided Dental Implants are complicated medical procedures and you should try a reputed medical clinic like 32 Dental Solutions.

Known for its advanced technologies and world-class infrastructure, 32 Dental Solutions has a team of certified and experienced dentists who deliver high success rates even in the most challenging cases. Our teams of dedicated specialists and support staff have an unmatched record of treating the most complex of cases in implant dentistry. They are also well-versed with the technical know-how on how to plan and execute dental implants for predictable and safer treatment outcomes.


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