Considering Dental Implants? Here Are The Five Things You Should Know

Five Things About Dental Implants

Considering Dental Implants? Here Are The Five Things You Should Know

If you are tired of struggling with missing teeth or imperfections in your oral cavity, a dental implant effectively helps improve the functions and aesthetics. The popularity of dental implant treatment in Gurgaon is rising rapidly, especially for patients with a missing tooth due to a traumatic injury or other long-term dental issues.

As compared to the fixed bridges or removable dentures, dental implants are a lot more permanent and long-lasting. If you are considering getting dental implants in Gurgaon, the following are the five things that you need to consider.

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1. Choice of The Best Clinic and Surgeon :-

The success rate of dental implant treatment depends on two factors – the expertise of the dentist and the technologies available in the clinic.

When looking for an implantologist in Gurgaon, you need to choose someone who has shown distinct competency in the field. If they lack the necessary experience and aren’t board-certified, there is no point in relying on their skills, even if they charge a lot less than the other dentists and clinics.

Talking about clinics, you want to rely on transparency about their ethics and procedures. They should have the necessary labs and infrastructure needed to conduct any associated tests before the treatment. Additionally, the clinic should maintain strict hygiene protocols.

Dental Implant Procedure

2. Understand How Dental Implants Work :-

If you plan to undergo dental implant treatment in Gurgaon, you need to make yourself aware of the procedure first. Knowing about the types of dental implants and the materials of dental implants is also extremely important.

Generally, the dental surgeon will likely suggest you choose from the two main types of implants – Endosteal and Subperiosteal implants.

Endosteal Implants – These implants are fixed directly into the jawbone of the patient and are the more common variant of the dental implant.

Subperiosteal Implants – These implants are generally placed under the gums or over the jawbone, especially in patients with a deformed jaw.

As for the material of the implants, they are generally made of titanium, which is safe for the teeth and provides a sturdy foundation for the implants. The dental implants don’t affect the natural shape or function of the nearby teeth. It is naturally fused into the jawbone, ensuring a permanent fixture.

3. Choice of The Right Implant :-

When you consult a surgeon before the treatment, there are several factors that they will consider before they suggest the ideal dental implants for you. From the shape of your jawbone to the material of the implants, several factors need to be considered.

Generally, the dentist suggests getting a titanium dental implant because it gradually fuses with the natural structure of your jawbone without causing any kinds of unnecessary impacts on the nearby teeth.

Moreover, depending on the strength of your jawbone and the available space around your jawbone, your dentist will generally recommend either one of the types of dental implants that are available.

If you have many imperfections in your oral cavity, your dentist might suggest getting multiple implants like the All on Four or All on six implants to fix your complete set of teeth.

4. How To Prepare For a Dental Implant Surgery?

Getting dental implants is an extensive process. There are a few important steps that need to follow before preparing for the surgery from the start till the finish. If you will undergo dental implant surgery in Gurgaon, here are a few steps to look out for.

  • Start with a comprehensive dental examination.
  • Some individuals are prescribed a course of antibiotics before the treatment to prepare the body for the implants.
  • Prepare your body a day before the surgery according to the dentist’s instructions. Some patients are suggested to fast for 12 hours before the surgery in case they undergo general anesthesia during the treatment.
  • Assessing your jaw structure, the dentist will work on it before the procedure to ensure that the implants are affixed permanently without any risks of movement in the latter days.
  • Once the procedure is completed successfully, the patient needs to take it easy and practice the necessary after-care as suggested by the dentist.

5. What To Expect After Dental Implant Surgery?

It doesn’t matter whether your dental implant procedure is done in one or multiple sittings; some post-operative symptoms are pretty common in either case. You will likely experience discomfort and swelling around the surgery site and the oral cavity, in general.

Some of the common discomforts you might experience include:

  • Swelling around the gums and the face.
  • Pain at the site of the surgery of the implants.
  • Mild bruising around the skin.
  • Hematoma.

Since the implants are foreign components fitted into your body, it takes your body some time to adjust and fuse into the skin. To avoid any complications, the patients are prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications to prevent infections and swelling.

Generally, you will have to consume soft and liquid foods a few days after the surgery to let your jawbone adjust and till the swelling subsides. If the pain and swelling persist, you should consult your surgeon immediately.

The recovery timeline is subjective and depends on the healing power of an individual’s body. Generally, people can get back to their normal routine after a week, except for their diet.

At 32 Dental Solutions, you are assured of the best dental implant treatment in Gurgaon with effective pre and post-operative care.

Take Away

Knowing these basic pointers before getting dental implants is extremely important. This helps keep you informed of the procedure, the cost of dental implants in Gurgaon, and the post-operative care involved in the treatment. Research and educate yourself about everything before you commit to this life-changing treatment.



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