Accuracy of Full Guided vs. Freehand Implant Surgery


Accuracy of Full Guided vs. Freehand Implant Surgery

Are you wondering if dental implants are right for you? If you are suffering from a broken or missing tooth that is affecting your chewing function and your smile, dental implants could work very well in this situation. Let’s learn more about the latest innovations in dental implant surgery.

Computer-guided implant surgery is a new and improved dental implant surgery that uses an imaging system to guide the surgeon throughout the procedure. With the latest digital navigation technique and optimized 3D computer simulation, the implant surgery can be done with minimal incision and painless.

Traditional or freehand implant surgery is done without the use of any navigation or guiding system. The advanced guided system is designed to overcome many drawbacks of the freehand surgery technique.


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  1. What is Guided Dental Implant and Freehand Dental Implant?
  2. How is the Procedure of Full Guided Dental Implant and Freehand Implant different?
  3. Which Dental Implant you should Consider? Accuracy of Full Guided vs. Freehand Implant Surgery
  4. How does the sitting vary for full Guided and Freehand Dental Implant?
  5. Cost of Dental Implant in Delhi


  1. What is Guided Dental Implant and FreeHand Dental Implant?

The guided dental implant involves the use of computer-assisted implant guide systems for precise positioning of every implant. The method uses the planning software to create and utilize a virtual 3-D plan of the patient’s oral anatomy and guides the surgeon throughout the procedure.

On the other hand, the freehand implant placement is done with years of practice and acquired know-how without the added guidance from digital technology.

Guided surgery is known for painless and minimal discomfort for patients and as a result associated with high patient satisfaction. Moreover, the application of the full-guided implant insertion is considered more accurate and risk-free than free-hand insertion.


  1. How is the Procedure of Full Guided dental Implant and Freehand Implant?

Guided implant surgery

In guided surgery, a 3-D model of a patient’s oral anatomy is generated using either CT (computed tomography) or CBCT (cone beam computed tomography). The generated data can be superimposed to create virtual 3-D oral anatomy of patients and can be used to design the implant placement plan. Rather than placing implants directly in a patient’s mouth, the implant is placed in the virtual 3D jaw of the patients reconstructed digitally using the software.

With the help of such an advanced guiding system, dentists can insert the implants in the planned positions more accurately.

Freehand implant surgery

During freehand surgery, the surgeon places the implant under direct bone visualization after incisions. The implants are placed using the surgeon’s best estimate or using conventional stents.

Although experienced dentists and specialists are extremely successful in using freehand implant placement, guided placement has proven to be a safer, efficient, more accurate technique that is beneficial for both patient and surgeon. With a high success rate, it offers a painless experience for the patients.

At 32 Dental Solutions, we provide our patients with the best diagnostic and dental imaging services with the most accurate image and comfortable experience.


  1. Which Dental Implant you should consider?

The pros and cons of both Implants are mentioned below to help you select which one is right for you.


  • Guided Dental Implant



  • More accurate, painless and safer for patients.
  • Minimal invasive surgery, quick healing and low risks or complications.
  • Fewer sittings required.

At the same time, the planning may take extra time as the process requires preparing a virtual model of the patient’s oral anatomy.



  • Freehand Implant



  • Cost-effective and affordable option to many but requires a highly experienced dentist.
  • Does not require multiple clinical and laboratory steps as in the guided method.

However, the method has more risks and complications such as damage to adjacent teeth, or nerve, post-surgical pain, swelling, etc.

At 32 Dental Solutions, our expert team will discuss both the options with you and help you select the most suitable one.


  1. How do the sittings vary for Full Guided and Freehand?

The main drawback of freehand dental implant surgery is the time involved in the process. This includes manufacturing, fitting followed by placement of the implant. This requires multiple visits to the clinic and can be very inconvenient for patients.

For guided surgery, based on Images and molds of the patient’s crown is made quickly and in a few sitting the implant followed by crown placement is done. The number of sessions also depends on the requirement of additional bone grafting steps.

At 32 dental solutions, the procedure takes only 2-3 days.


  1. Cost of Dental Implant in Delhi

The cost of the implants depends upon the individual needs of patients including the number of implants, type of crown, etc. Additional charges for tooth extractions or diagnostic fees may be applicable.

The average cost of dental implants starts from 25,000 rupees to 45,000 rupees for a single tooth implant. The cost of fully guided treatment is slightly higher than the freehand treatment. However, when compared with superior accurate results obtained by fully guided treatments, it is a better solution for long term results.

At 32 Dental solutions, you will receive world-class services at an affordable price.


Take Away

Digital dental implants offer effective, precise results and high success rates. These prove to be an amazing solution to many dental problems such as missing or broken single, multiple and even total tooth loss.

Restore your smile and your confidence with a range of highly effective guided dental treatments at 32 Dental Solutions.



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